Information for S4672&S4670

information for S4672

 We, Shinko MechatroTech Co., Ltd. (President: Ko Hirano), started to sell the new teller printer named “e-Printer Model S4672” for Retail Financial Institutions in October, 2008.

Our teller printer is acquiring a good reputation from our customer due to its superior performance, usability, good maintenance, speedy response by our specialists (sales/maintenance/technical) and so on and has been adopted by the customers (financial institutions) not only in Japan but also in over 20 countries around the world.

The new product “e-Printer Model S4672” is the multifunctional dot-matrix printer, having the function to process printing of the data on various kinds of slips with functions of passbook printing, Magnetic Stripe read/write and to read images by scanner.

Compared with the previous model “S4670”, which is widely used in the world, the printing speed of “S4672” has been increased by 20% and for horizontal type’s passbook, printing on 12th line is has become possible.
In regard with Emulation, “S4672” is corresponding widely with IBM4722, PR2, LB12, S4600 etc. and is passbook printer complied with USB interface, by which easier connection with various host systems of financial institutions in the world is enabled.

Also, “S4672” can be used as “Datebook printer” for business processing at the recording of medication history, nursing care history, payment statement and so on.

For the detail information for the teller printer “e-Printer Model S4672”,please click here.

By the introduction of “e-Printer Morel S4672”, the production of the previous model “S4670” had been discontinued. We would like to express our heart-felt appreciation to all users of “S4670”.
For the users currently using S4670, we will sell spare parts and consumables etc. them continuously.