Information for Drupa

Drupa 2008

Shinko MechatroTech Co., Ltd. (CEO Mr. Ko Hirano) exhibited UV Curable Inkjet printer named as “eWaCube W-2000” which is our new product for the sign and display market at the Drupa 2008, print media exhibition in Germany.

   【New products e-WaCube W-2000】

We exhibited our demonstration machine of [e-WaCube W-2000 UV Curable Inkjet Printer],which has been jointly developed with DigiCube Co., Ltd. (Korea) and us, at Drupa 2008 during May 29 – June 11, 2008 (14 days), which is the world largest and most important exhibition for the printing media industry and is held every four years at the Dusseldorf International Trade Fair Ground, and introduced it to the related peoples in the world of the printing and media industry.

[Detail of dreupa 2008]

Our company has 70 years experience/history of integrated production, from development to production/after service, in the field of Mechatronics. By utilizing the marking/paper handling technology which we have been built up for long years, we have developed this product by targeting the sigh and display market mainly and for establishing and proposing the new field, where the new products different from existing products of others are available.

For the exhibition this time, we would like to express our thanks to the visitors, who are many of dealers/retailers from Europe etc. and customers from Middle East/India etc., to our booth. Also thank you for watching our machine with interest. We are planning to sell the mass production type machine in year of 2009 by reflecting the requirements from customers.



<Features of the printer> 
1. By hybrid mechanism of “roll to roll” and flat bed, it is possible to print on various media.
2. By achieving the printable width with 2000mm and thickness with 100mm, it is possible to print not only on the roll media of 60 inches width, but also on construction materials such as outer wall, various materials of interior decoration, ceiling materials, glass, acrylic boards and stainless and so on. 
3.  With adoption of the UV Curable Ink、5 colors (CMYK + White) is standardized. 
4. Printing resolution:  from 360 x 360 dpi to 1440 x 720 dpi.
5. Printing speed: 64m2/hour with maximum speed mode (Advance-mode, 2 pass, 360 x 360dpi)
8m2/hour with high quality mode (Uni-mode, 8 pass, 1440 x 720 dpi)
6.  Physical dimensions: approx. W 3580 x D 1720 x H 1340 mm


Remark) Please note that above specification subject to change due to improvement and so on.